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What we do.

Creature VR is a Virtual Reality Arcade that just opened up in Portland, Oregon. The place you can immerse yourself in the virtual world and see what all the hype is about. Experience gaming like you never have before.  

What are your age restrictions?

Room scale stations are 8 and up. 8-12 requires adult chaperon. Omni Stations are 13+ and have a minimum height of 4'8".

Do you book parties?

We do, call us or e-mail info@creature-vr.com to inquire about pricing and availability.

Can I bring in alcohol?

No. We cannot allow the consumption of alcohol in our game room. Nor can we let anyone who is visibly intoxicated rent a station.

I've never played VR before, what do I need to know?

VR is unlike any gaming experience you've ever had. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can move around in. If you are planning on utilizing one of our Omni Stations, we recommending wearing shoes you can run in. You'll get quite a workout on one of those stations!




Phone Number

(503) 206-4301




Tuesday - Thursday: 2PM to 11PM

Friday & Saturday: 12PM to 12AM

Sunday: 12PM to 10PM

Monday: Closed


9234 NE Glisan St. Portland, Oregon 97220

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  • We have 4 Roaming Stations and 4 Omni Treadmill Stations
  • All game sessions can be booked in 15 minute increments. 
  • Call us to inquire about party pricing!
  • Appointments and be booked over the phone or online. Walk-ins welcome! 
  • Pricing is on a Per-Station Basis

Roaming Station:

15 Minutes - $7.50 

30 Minutes - $15

60 Minutes - $30

Groups of 3 or more:

15 Minutes - $6.25

30 Minutes - $12.50

60 Minutes - $25

Omni Treadmill Station:

15 Minutes - $15 

30 Minutes - $30

60 Minutes - $60

Groups of 3 or more:

15 Minutes - $12.50

30 Minutes - $25

60 Minutes - $50

Deals and Promotions

Active Duty Military and Law Enforcement

Creature VR is proud to offer a 50% discount to Active Duty Military Members and Law Enforcement offers. This discount applies to all of our stations. Simply let the attendant know and provide the appropriate ID to receive your discount.

Trimet Pass Drawing

We understand that the parking situation at Creature VR is rather limited, but fortunately we are right across from the NE Glisan and 92nd stop of Route 19 on the TriMet. To encourage our patrons to use public transportation, we are going to be giving away a 1 month TriMet pass at the end of every month. To register, show us your pass when you sign up for a station and you'll be entered to win! Help us defend the environment, while you defend Earth from intergalactic robots or zombies!

VR Room Scale Games:



Omni Treadmill Games


Omni Arena


Single Player

Project Ghost

Coin Rush

Bow Master


INTRODUCING: Creature Incubator

Creature VR is now proud to begin rolling out our training program


We will now be offering three levels of training in our expert VR quality systems.

Commercial (OMNI)

  • If you are a business and are interested in offering the OMNI treadmill experience to your business whether it is for profit or employee satisfaction, send us an email and let us know what you have in mind or we would be very happy to come out and provide a free initial consultation.
  • We fully train owners/managers on best practices in OUR operational gameroom that is open to the public. Training consists of both off hours (yes you can play as you learn) and with live customers
  • Details will follow after initial consultation

Commercial (Gameroom without OMNI)

  • Go ahead and abuse our VR knowledge!
  • We “might” even learn something together and that is the beauty of being on the first wave of this technology
  • Teach your managers and operators in our controlled environment.

Consumer (VIVE but NOT OMNI [commercial ONLY … for now])

  • Come learn, come play, come see what works and what doesn’t BEFORE you pay
  • We focus on what we know works
  • We can talk
    • PiMAX 4k and 8K [coming soon]
    • Vive and Vive PRO and VIVE Business
    • Oculus Rift
    • PSVR
    • Racing chairs/cockpits
    • PC/PlayStation solutions (some limitations)

Computers and consulting

  • We can actually SHOW you and explain EXACTLY what the hype means and what it means to you.
  • We are the experts and really want to show you three things
  •  No Hype, No sales people that don’t really have a grasp on the details and what they really mean
  • We “ARE” gamers” and we do this stuff each and every day
  • Needs
    • What do you REALLY need to accomplish ANY task including gameing
  • Wants          
    • Let us show you what you want in plain English
  • Wishes        
    • We can show you what everyone wishes
    • We have an brand new intel Core I9 with dual SLI 1080 TI cards and all liquid cooled

AFTER sale

  • Installation
    • Installation at your location. We will assist to any level needed.
  • Service
    • Yup… we can “probably” help but will tell you for free

If you want to try something out, come on in and spend some time in our gameroom… we will give up to 10% discount on any of the non-commercial items above toward the purchase of our items/services when you purchase